Chamber Gift Certificates

What are Chamber Gift Certificates (Chamber Bucks)?

Chamber Gift Certificates also known as Chamber Bucks are paper money that is spent just like cash in our community at participating Chamber Member Businesses. The program promotes local spending, keeping money working in our community.

Should I Accept Chamber Gift Certificates?

Yes!! Please do!! They are guaranteed by the Greater Muhlenberg Chamber of Commerce.

What Does My Customer Deed To Do?

The customer (redeemer) uses the paper money just as they would cash at a participating business. It spends just like real money. But there is no cash back. Most of our gift certificate holders are aware of this (and it’s stated on the certificates as well). This more often than not encourages the gift certificate holder to spend the entire amount or MORE! Either way, you are compensated for the total gift certificate.

Now that My Business Has Accepted the Chamber Gift Certificates, What Do I Do?

Receive the Chamber Gift Certificates just as you would cash. When you are ready to collect your money from the Greater Muhlenberg Chamber of Commerce, you can mail them in, bring them in, or give the Chamber a call at 270-338-5422. The Greater Muhlenberg Chamber of Commerce will write your business a check back.

How Does the Program Work?

They are purchased at the Greater Muhlenberg Chamber of Commerce (with a check or cash) by businesses and individuals to be spent exclusively at our Chamber members. Chamber Gift Certificates are similar to using gift certificates and are redeemed for goods and services. They are nearly free of risk, since the money is pre-paid at purchase. The funds are guaranteed by the Greater Muhlenberg Chamber of Commerce.

Do Chamber Gift Certificates Expire?

Yes. Chamber Gift Certificates are good for six (6) months from date of purchase..

What Does it Cost My Business to Participate?

Your first year is free, then it’s $35 annually. This helps the Chamber cover the cost of maintaining the Chamber Gift Certificate program. Participating businesses simply redeem and bring back into the Chamber of Commerce for reimbursement.

When and How Can I Purchase Chamber Gift Certificates?

Year round – anytime. We accept cash and checks only for Chamber Gift Certificate purchases. Contact the Greater Muhlenberg Chamber of Commerce to purchase.

What Denomination Are They Available In?

You can purchase $10, $15 and $25 amounts.

Can People Deposit These Into Their Bank Account or Redeem Them for Cash at the Bank?

No. Chamber Gift Certificates can only be used for the purchase of goods and services, not to be redeemed for cash or deposited into a bank account.

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